During you checking our products detail, specially for those lifting components, you will find that there is some many load concerning, Hereby we make a clearly for all of them.

RATED CAPACITY: Also known as “assembly capacity” or “break strength” is the minimum load a complete assembly can withstand before failure in a laboratory pull test when the product is NEW.

This is the term used throughout the catalog. There are, however, other terms used in the industry which are interchangeable with the term Working Load Limit. These are: WLL, SWL, Safe Working Load, Rated Load Value, Resulting Safe Working Load, and Rated Capacity.

The Working Load Limit is the maximum load which should ever be applied to a product, even when the product is new and when the load is uniformly applied – straight line pull only. Avoid side loading. All catalog ratings are based upon usual environmental conditions and consideration must be given to unusual conditions such as extreme high or low temperatures, chemical solutions or vapors, prolonged immersion in salt water, etc. Such conditions or high-risk applications may necessitate reducing the Working Load Limit.

The maximum load weight a tie-down should be subjected to during normal use. To assist in making the proper tie-down choice the Federal D.O.T. requires the W.L.L. to be 1/3 of the Rated Capacity.

Never exceed the Working Load Limit!

BREAKING LOAD: Same meaning as rated capacity.

Do not use breaking strength as a criterion for service or design purposes. Refer to the Working Load Limit instead.

Breaking Strength is the average force at which the product, in the condition it would leave the factory, has been found by representative testing to break, when a constantly increasing force is applied in direct line to the product at a uniform rate of speed on a standard pull testing machine. Proof testing to twice the Working Load Limit does not apply to hand-spliced slings.

Remember: Breaking Strengths, when published, were obtained under controlled laboratory conditions. Listing of the Breaking Strength does not mean the Working Load Limit should ever be exceeded.


During use the fitting assemly to the chain and steel wire rope, please take it in mind:

Components must match. Make certain that components such as hooks, links or shackles, etc. used with wire rope (or chain or cordage) are of suitable material size and strength to provide adequate safety protection. Attachments must be properly installed and must have a Working Load Limit at least equal to the product with which they are used.

Remember: Any chain is only as strong as its weakest link.





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